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    Music tuition offered for piano (classical) for all ages.
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    We offer clarinet teaching for beginners.

Welcome to Wellspring Creative Music Perth

Music Teaching and Creative Music Therapy

Muriel Ann Gulliford is an experienced Primary School and Music teacher in Perth with a specialism in Creative Music Therapy and early phonetic reading and holds a Post Graduate Diploma Creative Music Therapy from Nordoff Robbins Australia Inc. and a Diploma of Teaching.   She has worked in State and private education as well as her own private music studio practice, “WELLSPRING” in Perth.

Muriel is at an advanced level in piano and plays the clarinet in an instrumental group. In her current studio, Muriel offers tuition in : piano (classical) for any age, clarinet for beginners, creative music therapy for any age and early reading with phonetic emphasis.

Muriel is a member of Australian Music Examinations Board so can take students through the AMEB syllabus or just allow them to enjoy music playing without the pressure of exams. Occasional recitals within her studio are fun and a way to overcome nerves when playing for others. 

Muriel offers 45 minute Creative Music Therapy Sessions at a cost of $50 per session.
Piano or clarinet lessons including Theory are $45.00 for a 40 minute lesson.  For very young children, rhythm and creative music fun will be included in the session. Children will feel energized and their musical interest will be encouraged. 
A discount of 10% will be given if 10 lessons are paid for in advance. 
Muriel does not accept cash payments. Money must be payed into my on line account before any lesson will be given. At least 5 lessons. preferably 10 lessons in advance,  must be payed for.
I will arrange a no cost interview with any prospective student before arranging lesson times.
In case of sickness or any unavoidable reason for being unable to attend a lesson, Muriel must be notified 
24 hours in advance in order to arrange for a  make up lesson or lesson will be charged for.  There are of course exceptions.

Muriel works from her studio in the suburb of Bentley, Perth  6102.

It has been proven that learning to play a musical instrument changes the brain, leading to a slew of potential benefits, including improved learning and understanding of language. 


  1. What is Creative Music Therapy?

    Creative Music Therapy is the use of organised sounds and music within an evolving relationship between client and therapist to support and encourage physical, mental, social and emotional well- being.  Bunt L. 1995  Music Therapy An Art Beyond Words.  (London Routledge)

  2. Nordoff-Robbins Creative Music Therapy

    The Nordoff-Robbins Creative Music Therapy approach is quite unique. It is about the controlled use of music and organised sounds within an evolving relationship between client and therapist or within groups, to support and encourage physical, mental, social and emotional well- being. The therapist works in the here and now, encouraging clients to express the way they are feeling in the present.

    The emphasis in the Nordoff – Robbins approach is on shared music making using voice, movement, percussion instruments or piano. We are all musical beings and share the innate abiliby to create music. The primary aim is to facilitate expression and communication.

    The therapist may improvise music to meet the needs of the individual; the responses of each person and the experience of making music together is the process of therapy.

  3. What can Music Therapy be used for?

    Music therapy is a way of bringing healthy and healing experiences to people. It is valuable in a wide range of conditions and in all age groups    eg

    • People affected by anxiety, stress and depression
    • Adults and children with cancer
    •  Elderly patients with dementia
    •  People with physical disabilities
    •  Children and adults with learning difficulties and emotional problems
  4. What is a Music Therapist?

    Pscychotherapists  work through words to make the mind better.

    Physiotherapists work to make the body better.

    Music therapists work through music towards wholeness of a person.