Piano Teaching

When I was left a widow with six boys to bring up, I began teaching piano. piano-teachingBeing already a qualified primary school teacher, I felt very confident about teaching young children and had qualifications up to grade viii on the piano and grade vi for musicianship. Opening a studio in my house was convenient while the boys were at school.

Over 15 years I continued to run a music studio at home and also travelled to Collingullie, Lockhart and Junee to teach children there.  I became registered with the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) so was able to put student through AMEB grade exams and can continue to do so. Most years we had delightful afternoon tea concerts where parents and friends gathered in a very friendly environment to listen to their children play for them.

Two of my past pupils have gone on to become graduates of music at University and are performers.

I like to encourage adults to take up piano. You may have learnt once and for one reason or another, stopped. It is never too late to start again or even if you have never  learnt a note of music, don’t put it off by saying ‘it’s too late now.’ It is never too late and will develop your brain, ear training, eye/hand co-ordination and above all, give you the satisfaction and exhilaration of accomplishment in every small step.

I firmly uphold the importance of developing strong foundations in playing the piano or any instrument so spend time paying attention to details and the correct order of progression.