"When my son first started he raced around the room playing every instrument at once. He was un-coordinated. There was a lot of tension, frustration and he was emotionally bottled up. He did music therapy twice with Muriel and I noticed such an amazing change. There was no tension at home."

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Damien is a bright and sensitive boy who was diagnosed as having a mild intellectual disability as well as having problems with has speech. I have raised him from, birth as a single mum and have also suffered severe post-natal depression. Consequently, Damien’s life has been clouded by so many issues that have been bottled up inside him, making him very frustrated. Since the first day that Damien has been going to Muriel for music therapy, I have seen Damien finding a creative medium where he can express himself successfully and be freed from his emotional pain. It has been a heavy burden trying to raise this boy on my own and I am so grateful that I have finally found the key that has helped my son. Through the medium of music and the caring quality of the relationship with the music therapist, Damien has been given a song in his heart and a skip in his steps. I have seen this overflow in all areas of his life as he is blossoming into a wonderful little boy.

Testimonial from the Mother of a client who came to came to Muriel for Creative Music Therapy Sessions for two years